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2021 blog
2020 was not fun.
Here is what I have noticed over the past 4 months (April - August 2020, incase you read this in
Reassessing your life in during a pandemic could be beneficial for your mental health
World shut down. Let's been humane, healthy, and be smart.
pink banana
Nobody actually cares. Well, nobody cares, until they do.
Trends come out every year, and they are normally pretty similar just worded differently - unless you compare the 40s
keeping sane in a digital world
With so much going on around us, and having access to all this on our fingertips (literally, a small device
muzz robertson neuromarketing
Ever wondered why you bought something that you probably didn't need, but for some reason had the urge to buy?
Most campaigns are impersonal and company-focused. They portray the millennial generation as a niche market or a bubble.
influencer marketing
There has been a lot of news around the negative impacts of influencer marketing, is it time for real influencer?