Well, that was fun

2020 was not fun. Yes, my 2020 was vastly different from every single other person because we all managed and dealt with it differently. We also all had our own tragedies, successes, accomplishments, failures, losses, and more. It started off with Tiger King, 5FM getting rid of Thabooty Drive (which was 2 weeks before national lockdown, and I blame 5FM for the rest of 2020), then we all ran out of toilet paper because some folks thought that we would also run out of paper pulp, and ended off with those weird monoliths popping up all over the show – we even had a monolith South Africa. Of course a lot happened in-between, but who decides to ruin car rides home by getting rid of The Thabooty Drive!

Last year this time, I wrote a blog about 2020 Trends (just like every other MF in marketing out there) but it wasn’t a generic list of AI this and 4th industrial revolution that, it was more around trends of topics I wanted to see come through on social media. However, the elephant in the room, made a lot of trends seem inconsequential – a bit like Kim Kardashian posting about a $ 2 million birthday party on a private island, mist a pandemic, and said, “we could pretend things were normal just for a brief moment in time” because yes Kim, you are so used to a “normal” life.

To be honest, I haven’t written anything for about 4 or 5 months, purely because I thought there were far bigger issues and happenings (in my life and the world) to focus and put time into a writing a blog post. I also just couldn’t think of anything relevant to write about (still can’t to be honest). I saw a lot of blogs and posts that were around keeping sane during lockdown, how people found side hustles, how to do a cartwheel while wearing a mask, and a lot of posts from wannabe motivational speakers on LinkedIn.

That said, it is easy to look at your troubles and go, “Oh well, there are far worse issues in the world at the moment, so I really shouldn’t be complaining that my level of unconscious anxiety peaks when I need to go buy loo paper and simultaneously might put my life at risk by catching a deadly virus.”

Wrong. You can worry about that, and you can also worry about the starving children who aren’t eating or getting an education because ministers would rather spend R 37 million on a chicken wire border fence, than worry about educating and feeding the mass population. Don’t be like Kim Kardashian, but also don’t think that your issues aren’t relevant because somebody else has got “bigger” issues.

This is becoming more of a conversation with myself, but here are a number of learnings that I had from 2020, and maybe you did too.

  1. People who stayed in touch during lockdown are real friends, don’t take them for granted
  2. Job security is something that you need to work your arse off for – we saw global companies shutting down in a number of weeks
  3. Family, if you are lucky to have one, is an extremely important foundation and pillar during crisis, happy moments, and they will always be there for you
  4. Up skilling – something that I have decided to continue to do in 2021 but increase this goal ten fold. I am half way through a part time degree, but 2021 is the time to learn a 3rd language too. No idea which one just yet, but certainly a local one.
  5. Appreciate the outdoors. I have always loved nature, being a game ranger would be the ultimate job for me, and I have increased my snorkeling, surfing, and hiking, the past year (when we could, and in 2019). But during hard lockdown, it really made me realise how much I had the urge to be outdoors and just get fresh air. So 2021 is about increasing that, be it a hike, a paddle, a swim, or a run.
  6. Focus on the important issues. I did and still do, get annoyed when I see people breaking covid rules, but what is the point? They don’t care about anyone else other than themselves, so why should I give them any ounce of my time? Our president banned all beaches, lakes, rivers, lagoons, and more in hotspot areas, but people are still deciding to flaunt the fact that they are going on these rivers, lagoons, and oceans, and it annoys me because they are the reason why this lockdown and certain rules will continue to be in place. But it really shouldn’t annoy me. So 2021 is going to be about focusing on what really matters, friends, health, and family.

Anyway, good health and wealth.

M x