Enough bull, we need empathy

In my last post, I wrote about reassessing in a pandemic – here is a slight follow on.

This bladdy pandemic. It has been brought up in most conversations that I have, it comes up when in meetings, and even when I am relaxing watching Netflix. I am pretty good at sticking to the rules, I wear a mask, I keep my distance, and I am just not a dick about it. Which – unfortunately – a lot of people have decided to be. It blows my mind a bit, when I see people out and about flaunting the rules as if they are Iron Man – not realising that it’s not about them, but if they are spreading it. That is where the issue is, people are selfish.

It’s a very simple solution – don’t be a dick.

The one thing that has really stuck out for me, is that people lack so much empathy and it has been quite an eye-opener. But the empathy aspect with people isn’t really what I am going to talk about, because I know people are dicks. What there needs to be a big change in, is empathy from celebrities and people also need to start selecting who they make famous. I for one, am going to start being more empathetic to people – friends, family, people who I interact with etc.

I saw a Tweet a few weeks ago, about a celebrity boasting about buying a Mercedes during a pandemic and claimed it was the best investment he had done, and encouraged others that buying a luxury car is a great investment. Thankfully a lot of people spoke up, 1) pointing out how badly he was reading the room, 2) pointing out that a car is the worst investment you can ever buy, 3) pointing out that he 100% is paying off his car on a monthly basis and must just get back in his hole and stop trying to live out his means.

This empathy thinking needs to start happening, quickly, across media, advertising, conversations, retail, restaurants etc.

The more empathetic the content is that people consume, the more empathetic they will end up being.

Empathy can be brought up in so many examples. A big one for 2020 is BLM – if people just cared about other races, religions, and people, like they do themselves, there wouldn’t be such hideous people in the world who think others are less based on colour. And if they do think others are less, just stfu about it – not hard.

Short and sweet, be nice people.



PS: Here is another pug, feel good about yourself.

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