Another COVID19 blog post

In my previous post I said nobody cares about you. That was prior to a global shut down due to a killer virus. But, they probably still don’t.

So, unless you live under a rock, on an island, or you’re part of Big Brother Germany – you should know about the pandemic, known as COVID-19 (not the Chinese Flu, Mr Trump.)

Disclaimer that probably isn’t needed: I am not a doctor, obviously, nor have a lived through a global crisis (health, war, or financial). I’m a millennial who works in advertising.

Before we get stuck in – making fun of a pandemic is some peoples way of easing their anxiety and making life slightly less stressed. Here is an article filled to the brim of memes, videos, and some feel good factors – click the link to enjoy. FUNNY SHIT DURING A PANDEMIC.

What to do in a global pandemic

Number 1: Don’t be an asshole

This should be pretty obvious, but it seems that a lot of people don’t quite understand how to be a decent human being midst a global crisis. That is basically the only thing I can think of, but some other things people probably should be aware of:

  • Pay people who work for you. If you see them once a week, once a month, every day – pay them. We live in a world, believe it or not, where you can send money without touching the person. Mind blown. People who live on day pay literally need that income to keep their kids fed, tummies full, and for survival.
  • Tip your UberEats driver – you should normally – but just do it. A lot of place have said free delivery, so put that R 10 towards someone who is doing a service that is keeping a restaurant open, and your cravings satisfied, and probably their income flowing.
  • You can eat out. Just keep ya distance. Most places have sanitiser on tables, as you walk in, and clean the tables before and after every customer. Also, tip the waiter – more than normal.
  • If you have a sniff, stay at home – simple. If someone in your family is an at risk person, how would you feel if they got it via a local transmission? Pretty angry, probably.
  • If you live in a flat that has old people, offer to do their groceries for them.
  • Stay clean. It’s blown my mind how many people are only now realising that you should wash your hands after taking a shit. After this global pandemic ends, I am still going to be doing the elbow greeting – f-that noise.
  • Get outside but at a distance. You can go for a walk. You can go for a run. You can do exercise. You can keep healthy. Just don’t spit on anyone. Obviously.
  • Watch sport that is being live streamed, watch highlights of your team winning – you will always be unbeaten, this amazing for an Arsenal fan. I have recently become a big fan of watching online chess and E-sport – I literally just need some competitive adrenaline.

Again – if you are sick. STAY INSIDE.


Good luck out there.

Wash your hands

Wear a mask, wear a hazmat suit, wear whatever keeps your mind at ease. If someone makes fun of you, cough on them. JOKES. Do not do that. Just pray they get the virus. JOKES. Don’t do that either. If someone makes fun of you for keeping your mental and physical health in check during the pandemic that is literally causing financial and world destruction – tell them to fuck off.



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