Hello, I am Murray Robertson

I am a Cape Town based digital strategist.

I have been interested in creativity and advertising for as long as I can remember. I love how brands market themselves, and find every campaign that I work on intriguing and fascinating – likewise with successful campaigns that I haven’t worked on, if its good and I want to learn from it, I will. This passion for the industry lead me to studying Integrated Marketing Communications in Cape Town, a degree that was focused on the advertising industry as a whole and set me up for the career I have today.

My primary focus is to help brands unlock potential growth opportunities through online and digital strategies.

I have a creative and strategic side, and approach challenges with an open mindset. Its easy to sell something, but to create memories throughout the whole user journey and end up selling something – is a skill. This skill is something that I am continuously working on, the more innovations that happen, the more we learn and can achieve.

I focus primarily on brand strategy and digital marketing, and how brands can improve their digital presence, be it social media strategy, brand building, marketing strategy, UX consulting, SEO guidance, or how to use analytics to form strategies. I have also got content creation experience, photography, and creative direction skills.

It’s not all business, there’s always a little bit of pleasure. I enjoy blogging, the ocean, food, coffee, art, UX/UI, photography, passionate football fan, and South Africa.